Building and Make'ing C++ Project inside Vim

vim-cmake plugin enables to make call to CMake without leave Vim. Install plugin with your plugin manager and call:


or map this commands to a key:

au filetype cpp nnoremap <silent> <leader>cm :CMake<CR>

If you are using YouCompleteMe you may consider to generate compilation database and link them your project root:

let g:cmake_export_compile_commands=1
let g:cmake_ycm_symlinks=1

or set build generator with:

let g:cmake_project_generator="Unix Makefiles"

To make build your meta-build generated by CMake, you can run:


The default make program is GNU make. If your project is large, you might consider using Ninja after set build generator according to it.

set makeprg=ninja\ -C\ build

Happy safe coding!!